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Volatage Reducer

These voltage reducers are designed to reduce the voltage from typical 24 v Dc systems down to the regular 12v Dc output current.

Some boats, older 4 x 4 cars and trucks have 24 volt systems which means that you are limited only to being able to use appliances or accessories such as stereos and radios that are made to suit 24 volt . These arent as common as 12v equipment and are therefore often far more expensive and less available than 12 v units.

To be able to use commonly available 12v accessories , you need to install one of these to your system .

These are sometimes refered to as "negative boosters" or inverters as they reduce the voltage rather than increase it as with a regular inverter.

These units safely reduce and regulate a 24 volt system down to 12 volt and allow you to use normal 12 volt items in your boat , 4x4  or truck . The specs show they will reduce voltages from 20v up to 30 v down to a continuos 12v . This is important as a typical 24v system in charge mode may be producing  up to 28 to 29 volts .

This unit we stock will supply 12 volts at 10 amps ( 120 watts) maximum continuos . They would power a typical car type cd player and UHF, VHF radios and typical depth sounders as well as a GPS simultaneously . But power usage of each unit should be checked for its current rating to be sure the total of them doesnt exceed 10 amps (120 watts).

They are have a robust aluminium housing with mounting hole. They are compact and lightweight

The voltage reducers do have a cost, but that cost is returned by being able to buy far cheaper 12v accessories rather than 24v ones .

So, if you have a boat or truck with a 24v system , this item is just what you need.

We stock this item and its available straight away.