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We stock a large range of Stainless Steel Fasteners, Silicon Bronze screws and  nails and Copper Nails and Roves  for boats and marine use, a range of Stuffing Box and Stern Gland Packings in handy length sized packs .

We also stock and sell various other Boating and Marine Hardware, from LED lighting , General Lighting , Starter Cords and numerous other parts and accessories for boating and boat building and repair .

Our range of fasteners is Australian " AUSTAIN" supplied and our packings are "PALMETTO PACKINGS" from the USA.

We source reputable brands where possible, and if the product is from a lesser known source, we try to test the product ourselves as much as possible .In alot of cases it will be a product we actually use ourselves.

You can also buy here compact self powered Digital Thermometers for you boat or camp fridge or anywhere you need to display a temperature.

We are constantly adding to our product range , so keep checking back for mew products or contact us for anything you are searching for and we may be able to help or offer you a quote on it. 

To find products, look under the sub catagories menu to this "Products" page or click on images on this page to be directed to the right area.

We also try to source hard to find parts for customers through contacts both here and overseas. Contact us and we may be able to find that part for you.

Fill out the enquiry form at the bottom of this page for any enquiry you have and we will get back to you s soon as we can. 


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