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Our range of PALMETTO  stern tube / stern gland packings are of the highest quality .

PALMETTO packings are from the USA and are used in industry and vessels worlwide.

The range includes from traditional tallow lubricated flax the the Premium Quality GFO ® Packing'

GFO ® Fibre Packing is often termed " pack and forget" , due to its ultra long life and toughness and can be virtually dripless in many applications . It can also help cure problem leakers and worn shaft problems .

It may be more expensive , but the benefits soon outweigh the cost .

# Beware of cheap imitations. If it doesnt have GFO ®  written on the packing material itself, then its not genuine GFO.

Palmetto GFO Packing bears the GFO ® Symbol. 

In fact we use it in our own twin screw boat!!!

GFO  is referred to as 1389 style , PTFE is 1613 style , and flax / tallow is 1600 style . 

Other types and styles available by request .

We also have tools for easily removing old packing . These tools are often a neccessity for removing packing from some types of stuffing boxes . Tools can be found here- TOOLS 

 Click on the file links on this page for technical specifications of our PALMETTO PACKINGS