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The Knowledge Pages

Hi and welcome to our Knowledge pages. On the pages available as submenu pages to this main page is where we like to share our knowledge , know how and learnings of our boating experience as well have others contribute to the shared knowledge base.

This page will always be a work in progress as we have a vast amount of knowledge to share and as we make the transition of transfering this information from our heads to text for you to read it will be added to the website. On the submenu pages there will be Stern Gland  information, some refrigeration information plus some advice on making boating maintenance and running a little easier so you have more time to enjoy.

We love to help if we can and support amatuer builders and renovaters on their journey of the pleasure of building or refitting your own boat.

We also invite contribution to the pages from anyone of any small articles of doing a particular task or share your experiences of a product that made an improvement to your boat, or even something youve made yourself to make a job easier .

Input from other businesses that support amatuer builders and owners is also sought for these pages as well.

Simply email us and let us know what you have to add and we can sort it from there.



Our Experience and Knowledge

I  had a early start to learning the basics of building a plywood boat . My father used to build plywood speedboats in earlier years of Hartly and Glen-L designs commercially before aluminium and Fibreglass become the mainstream material for smaller craft.

I was not around and very young for most of that era , but due to my parents love of boating i guess it was in my genes .

In subsequent years my father started to build a Bruce Roberts design 36 ft Motor Sailer from cold molded plywood .How he transfered the patterns to wood to make the frames fascinated me and from then on at age 12, i was hooked on wood boat building . I spent as much time as i could helping build that boat , seeing and learning how to set up frames and stringers to form the skeleton of the boat, then on to the double diagonal plywood skin . Seeing how it all came together left a lasting impression on my in my early teen years .

When i had finished school i started an apprenticeship in the trade of "Fitter" , a mechanical maintenance based trade in heavy industry . An industry i still work in at present along with my boating work .

So when my father sold the Bruce Roberts and commenced another vessel , a 35ft " Legionarre" Semi -displacement Motor Boat, i was well prepared to help and did all the complete electrics , mechanical , engine, steering,  fuel and water systems in the vessel myself as well as also helping construct the whole vessel from start to finish. This vessel was my biggest learning experience from being involved in the designing of and manufacture of the boats running systems. I even built the boats 4 fuel tanks of 1,200 litre capacity myself from sheet metal.

After this boat , my wife and i decided to build our own good size vessel . At this time we were also raising our own family and on a budget ,  so i set about designing my own boat of 30ft of a semi -displacement design built out of sheet plywood over a wooden frame as this is one of the most economical and easiest building method . I fitted her with an engine i bought for $400 and fully rebuilt myself for an extra $700 in parts. A 4cyl marine diesel for $1,100 by doing it myself.

I built my own fuel tank, did all the electrical myself , made my own steering system from commonly available industrial chains and sprockets and a car steering box, basically every single thing in the whole vessels construction was built wholly by myself . The only thing i needed someone else to do was turn the tapers on my propeller shaft as i didnt have a machine capable of this. I have the knowledge to do it, just not the machinery at hand. We used this boat for some time before tight times moneywise forced us to sell, though we made a handsome profit from it at the end.

So now currently today we have started again on a new project. We have gone a bit all out and have built a 46ft long twin engine Motor vessel . Again This vessel is built entirely by us from scratch from the hull to the engine, fuel and steering systems installations.


So you can see when we talk boats we have the experience and knowledge of all areas , from construction to maintenance and hopefully we can pass this knowledge on to help others. This knowledge also backs what we sell.


We see a bit of a revival coming along in "home" built boats in these new economic times and we would like to be part of that revival, as there is no greater satisfaction than that of building your own boat.

So check out the submenu pages and maybe there is something there that can help.  And if you have something to add , please contact us and it may be put up as well . After all helping each other is a good thing