Engineering  Services

( Please see the Mechanical Services page for what mechanical work we cand do ) 


We can perform Lathe machining for vessels such as Pulley Boring, Adaptors , Bushings and Custom Parts .

The Machining isnt restricted just to vessels / boats . We can do machining and Mechanical work on almost anything within our capability .

Such as custom Go-Kart parts and Motorcycle wheel spacer adapters .


We will do the smaller jobs the larger Engineering firms wont even bother to look at. If you have found other places not interested or only wanting big "Mines" quantity type jobs, then give us a try . If we have the capability and tooling to do the job we will do it.

I have 30 years Trade experience in Machining and Mechanical Maintenance and Repairs from Lawn mowers to V16 Diesel engines of 645 Cubic Inches capacity per cylinder to Hydraulics and Pnuematics.

We can do fabrication work as well .

 See some examples pictured here .



Email or Phone us to discuss your required work .

If we dont answer straight away , please leave a message and a return number and we will get back to you.